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Uhhh, ‘GoT’ Forgot to Edit Daenerys onto Drogon’s Back While He Attacked King’s Landing

Game of Thrones fans discovered that the show forgot to edit Daenerys onto Drogon while they burned down King’s Landing. Reminder: GoT also accidentally left a coffee cup and water bottle in shots this season. Whether you loved or hated the final season of Game of Thrones, we can all agree that it was pretty… Read More »

Former Trump FDA chief Scott Gottlieb warns ‘Medicare for All’ would hold back medical progress

President Trump’s former Food and Drug Administration chief waded into the “Medicare for All” debate on Friday, warning that access to life-saving treatments could suffer if the government were to become the only payer of healthcare services. “I think it would squelch innovation, and I think it would hold back medical progress,” Scott Gottlieb said… Read More »