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The new cellulite fix that changed my bum

The latest cellulite fix is a surgical technique called Cellfina that literally carves out cellulite – Nikki Harris tried it at the Sthetix clinic in Liverpool with astounding results and beauty expert Alice Hart-Davis interviews Nikki’s surgeon Dr Tiago Guimaraes about the treatment [embedded content] ‘I was one of those unfortunate people who noticed my… Read More »

Tattoo that changed mum forever

Grace Lombardo completed a full workout at her local gym in Chicago the day before she was admitted to hospital for a major double mastectomy surgery that would last five hours. It had been like that for the last four weeks, ever since her doctor had found a tiny tumour and a stack of precancerous… Read More »

This Guy Got Sober, Had a 40-Pound Weight Loss Transformation, and Changed His Life

Bryant Mettler, 46, turned around a drinking problem, dropped more than 40 pounds, and changed his life. Here, Mettler—who is now sober—shares his incredible transformation story. I played soccer and basketball in high school, but I gave up organized sports in college, after my now-wife and I had a daughter at the age of 19.… Read More »