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Why You Need to Worry About Hand Sanitizer

Find out what type of hand sanitizer to avoid, and how to use hand sanitizers correctly. Elizaveta Galitckaia/Shutterstock You’ve heard the advice since you were young—wash your hands to avoid getting sick. And now hand sanitizer has swooped in as a way to keep our hands clean, even when we’re on the go. It comes… Read More »

Why You Need To Try Popular Spirituality Practise, Kundalini Yoga

Love yoga, full moon rituals, mantras and well, all new age spirituality practises? Then it’s time to uplevel your standard vinyasa practise and explore kundalini yoga, the latest yoga style making a comeback in the wellness space. With new age spirituality guru Gabrielle Bernstein and model Miranda Kerr avid devotees of the practise, kundalini—originally made… Read More »