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Grassley to Big Pharma: 'I'm sick and tired of the blame game'

The drama unfolded during a hearing before the Senate Finance Committee, the largest gathering in decades of pharmaceutical executives before a congressional panel. Sen. Ron Wyden, the ranking member of the committee, blasted Big Pharma as “morally repugnant” and accused the companies of operating in an “unacceptable” way. He grew testy when he believed the… Read More »

Pharma CEOs enthuse about Trump's plan to shake up drug rebates

Sweep out drug rebates for patient discounts instead? Big Pharma CEOs are all over it. A week after the Trump administration proposed ending drug rebates in federal health programs—and then urged Congress to extend that plan to commercial insurance—supply chain players are hitting back. The pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) industry has even launched an ad campaign.… Read More »